layout & design
Unique and goal-oriented design - for convincing online performances that will be remembered.
We have the desire to inspire with our layouts and leave a lasting impression with your target group. To achieve this goal, we develop a successful color concept, an individual picture language and a distinctive style according to the requirements of your website. The visitors of your website should feel comfortable, stay on the site for a long time and like to come back.
Your visitors must have the intuitive feeling that the information you are looking for is on your site. A logical page layout and a thought-out navigation help. However, a well-designed layout also means that your visitors perceive the website as a professional, and thus also classify the services or products offered.
You want your target audience to be emotionally approached and easily find your way around on your website. However, it is also important to make the individual character of your company or service clear to allow potential customers to remember your website and not confuse your business with the competition. To create an individual look, we are happy to design individual icons or illustrations. Photos created especially for your project also ensure that your project is unmistakable.
Since design trends quickly lead to a company's individual character being lost, we always consciously and consciously use trends for our own purposes.
Form follows function
We start with the creation of the content of our web projects and develop an interactive prototype based on this. The layout phase begins only in the last step. This approach makes sense because only when we know what functions and contents are used in the website can we decide which graphical solution is ideal.
Modern web design is a balanced interplay of content, technology, design and performance. We deliver everything from one source and ensure that the individual components complement each other perfectly. Also mouse over effects, animations and scrolling effects are an integral part of modern web designs. We also design web animations in accordance with layout, technology and illustration.
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