planning & conception
The success of a website depends decisively on the concept. We plan your project very detailed and test contents, functions and layout at an early stage in the browser.
Content & navigation structure
In the first step, we take care of the content of your website and the development of the navigation structure (sitemap). Both are decisive for the success of the project, since neither a pleasing layout nor modern technology can deceive long-term bad texts or illogical structures. And the correct order of content plays a decisive role for interdisciplinary information gathering.
If you need support in the formulation of texts, we are also here with advice and deed to the side.
Website structure and templates
Based on the contents, we plan the different types of sub-templates and independent content modules. From the outset, we have the look on smartphones, tablets and computers in order to ensure the best possible function and structure across all device classes. From this conceptual basis, the programming can be derived.
Interactive prototypes
After navigation structure, contents, page types and modules have been defined, we start with the technical implementation of a so-called interactive prototype. This prototype is already a fully functional website that runs in the browser and can be accessed via mobile devices. Only the design has not yet been considered, so the prototype is usually designed in grayscale.
Using the prototype, the product can be used together and tested. The content management system (CMS) is already integrated into the prototype so that you can familiarize yourself with the system. We thus get to know your individual requirements for the CMS and can also help you when we realize that you are making mistakes.
The prototype undergoes correction loops until the page layout and functionality match the desired result. Then the "prototyping" phase ends and we start with the graphical layout.
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