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You want to have a new website created or need a re-design of your existing site? In order for us to be realistic about your project and to provide you with a reliable quote, we need some information.

Please assume that we are involved in ongoing projects and can not start immediately with new projects. You should expect a lead time of at least two weeks.

Normally this time is useful for the preparation of the project.

Cost Framework

The cost frame determines how much time is available for a project. We can only advise you on how best to use your budget to achieve the desired goal, if we know the cost frame.


A modern website is a complex product that is only successful when the customer and the agency work closely together and regularly exchange information.

We support you at every stage of the project and look forward to your constructive cooperation.

Project Planner

Please use the following project planner to provide us with detailed information about the project. You will receive a copy of your details by e-mail.

You can also download the project planner as a Microsoft Word document . Please send us the form by e-mail to

We will carefully evaluate your documents and contact you as soon as possible. Of course, we treat all information confidentially. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Details
Project Information
Project Title:
Describe the project in the form of a dot.
If you already own a website, where are you dissatisfied?
Market Positioning
How many years has your company existed?
How many employees in your company?
What services or products do you offer?
Which services or products provide the largest turnover?
Are you planning to change your service offer in the foreseeable future? If so, how?
What is the location of your product / service
What goals do you want to achieve with your website? (Eg acquisition, customer service, etc.)*
Which target group would you like to address with your website? Who are your customers?
Please provide the web addresses of your direct competitors:
How does your company differ from your competition?
What media are you using for your advertising?
Contents (text, graphics, etc.)
What do you want to show on your website? Please note a list of the planned navigation points.
In which languages do you want to offer content?
Are there existing content that we can adopt for your new website?
Which of the following are likely to be used in your site?
     Text content
     Photos and graphics
     Math formulas or code
Interactive elements
If not already all texts and / or pictures are available. In which form do you need support in the development of the content?
Does a domain already exist for the project? If yes, at which webhost was the address registered and which hosting package was booked?
Is there a specific content management system (CMS) to be used to manage the website content? If so, which?
If you want a specific CMS: Why did you decide on this system?
If you already use a content management system (CMS), are there any functions that you miss?
Are there any technical requirements that need to be met? If yes, which?
What features should be included in your new website? The points already marked are standard services, which are included in all our offers.
     Security certificates
     Responsive Design
     Search engine optimized code
     Contact form
     Search function
     RSS feed
     Comments function
     Calendar or event management
     Image galleries or image sliders
     Shop or eCommerce functions
     Password protected area
If you would like a newsletter, eCommerce features or password-protected areas, please describe the planned functions and let us know if you would like to use certain providers (eg for sending the newsletters or for payment processing).
Other desired functions:
Design & Layout
Which design guidelines exist for your company (eg logo, house code, color scheme, etc.)?
Are there specific websites that you like? What do you like well, what not?
Have you already prepared the first layout sketches? If so, what was prepared?
Do you have photos, product images, etc. that we can use to design your site?
Maintain the website
Is there a technical administrator for your new website? Yes No
Who is responsible for the editorial (content) maintenance of the website and which knowledge is available with HTML?
Do you want training in dealing with the content management system? Yes No
Would you like a permanent support of your website? Yes No
Budget and period
What budget is available for the project?
What are the dates for the project? Is there a deadline?