Responsive Web Design
A modern website must work on any smartphone, tablet and computer, regardless of the size of the display, the browser used, or the quality of the screen.
Platform-wide communication
The widespread use of smartphones, tablets and notebooks means that your website is accessed via very different devices. These devices differ not only in the size and quality of the display, but are also operated very differently - for example via a touch screen or with the aid of a digital pen. And in addition, running on the devices are still different operating systems and different browsers or apps with which websites can be viewed.
We make sure that your website works perfectly and looks great - regardless of which device your customers are calling. In order to achieve this goal , we are planning the project overlapping platform and display sizes from the very beginning. We test regularly on real devices and develop both the content structures as well as the source code according to the "Mobile First" principle.
Flexible and future-proof layouts
A responsive website is designed with a flexible layout that adapts seamlessly to the available space in the browser. This allows for both different sized displays as well as split screen functions. Your site is even optimized for display sizes that are not yet on the market today.
Individual responsive design
Many customers and designers criticize that responsive websites look very similar. We follow the developments in web design very well, know why a visual trend has developed and how it comes about. We are not controlled by tools and technologies, but we control the technology. Therefore, we are able to design unique layouts as well as those that consciously serve the mainstream.
Centralized content
The contents of your website are identical on smartphones, tablets and computers. The flexible layout ensures that they are displayed in different layouts. The Content Management System (CMS) of your website allows you to centrally manage and update the content of all the website's presentation variants. This saves time and reduces the probability of an error.
Improved search engine optimization
Both the address of your website and the content remain the same - regardless of which device a user visits the page. This fact makes it easy for search engines to read and evaluate content. Google strongly recommends the use of Responsive Web Design and informs that badly optimized sites can be punished .
Responsive design is standard
The number of internet-enabled devices will continue to grow rapidly in the future. Web content is consumed via TV sets and game consoles via wearables or in the car. And the tablet will push the PC out of private households.
Responsive Web Design is the standard for all our projects.
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