Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Successful search engine ranking is a combination of relevant content, technically optimized website architecture and strategic networking.
The right strategy
With search engine optimization (SEO) the goal is to make your website more relevant to search engines and thus improve the visibility in organic search results. The pure number of visitors usually plays less a role than the quality of the visitors. Your website is successful if the target group is addressed accurately and the visitors behave on your side as planned and desired.
We advise you on a suitable SEO strategy and take care of the technical implementation.
Optimized source code
We develop the source code of your website so that search engines and social media portals can evaluate the contents optimally. We value the content semantically, use the latest web standards for the architecture of your website, and also pay attention to the settings of the server. Standard optimizations such as XML sitemaps, a robots.txt, speaking and correctly redirected URLs or the avoidance of "duplicate content" are a basic requirement for every project. We also support you in optimizing your existing website.
Rich Snippets & Co.
With the help of so-called rich snippets certain content of your website can be additionally semantically distinguished. The Google search results can be used to display rating stars, dates, or even the internal search function of their website.
Optimal social media visibility
Also for social media portals content can be additionally semantically distinguished. If a visitor subsequently redistributes the contents of your website, this shared link is displayed more prominently. In addition to the so-called »Open Graph«, we also integrate Twittercards or similar functions into your website.
Content marketing
The technical architecture of a website is crucial for indexing and evaluating search engine content. But a website can still be programmed so well - if the content is not convincing, the success will be.
Texts on the Internet must be interesting and exciting for human visitors; At the same time, keywords and semantic structures must exist so that search engines can classify the text as relevant. And the content and the media mix of your website also play an important role. Depending on the project, it must be decided whether objective, informative content should be the focus, or whether it is more useful to develop entertaining, interactive or even playful content.
We advise you on how to optimize your texts for specific search terms, make them more attractive and improve them structurally. On request, we also completely remove the content.
Off-page optimization
In addition to adjustments that can be made directly to your website, external factors also play a major role in positioning your website in the ranking. These measures, which are referred to as "off-page optimizations", include, for example, targeted link building, analysis or social media campaigns.
Frequently Asked Questions about Search Engine Optimization
what is keyword stuffing?
keyword stuffing
Keyword stuffing increases the keyword relevancy on a website artificially. This is achieved by the frequent use of certain search terms in the flow text, in links, in headlines and in the meta data. However, this technique is seen as an illogical SEO technique from Google's point of view and is rated by the search engines as spamming. Keyword stuffing usually leads to depreciation of the page in the search engines.
What is Link-Geiz?
Link linkage is the ability to minimize or remove outbound links on a website. These links are usually avoided because there is a fear that a visitor might leave their own website. However, this link greed can harm the site, as the visitor is denied topic-related content and the search engines can judge the quality of the website worse and slower. A natural and high quality link structure is promoting a good search engine ranking.
What is Black Hat SEO?
Black Hat SEO
"Black Hat SEO" describes a technique in search engine optimization. This is a deliberate exaggeration of optimization, right up to the use of spam practices. Black Hat SEO hurts the search engine policies and can lead to deleting the page from the search engine index. The opposite of Black Hat SEO is the White Hat SEO.
What is Link Juice?
What is Link Juice?
Sublink Juice ("LinkSaft") is the (usually positive) properties of links to a website. These can be very diverse and, depending on the quality and quantity of the links, have a beneficial effect on the search engine ranking of the linked website. A website, so to speak, links Juice by linking to another website. The more powerful the output side, the higher the quality is the link-juice
What is a keyword?
What is a keyword?
Keywords are search enginesrelevant keywords on a website. They should be expressive, topic-specific, and adequately contained in flow text and headings. It is also possible to enter keywords into the metadata of a website. This was done very often, but today is no longer relevant to search engines.
What is Linkbait?
What is Linkbait?
Linkbait is used to increase the number of backlinks of a website and is therefore a part of the search engine optimization. The goal is to get as many feedback as possible in the form of links to its website in order to increase the link popularity and thus to achieve a better search engine ranking.
What is Bad Neighborhood?
What is Bad Neighborhood?
Bad Neighborhood (bad neighborhood) is called linked sites that are or are infected with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. A violation can be, for example, the deliberate hiding of texts or the use of spam techniques . These pages are in the ranking downgraded the search engines and also have a negative impact on the ranking of sites that link to them.
What is Good Neighborhood?
What is Good Neighborhood?
The "good neighborhood" is called linked websites, which are characterized by positive features. These positive characteristics can be judged by the person himself or by the search engine. A website should be rated positively if it contains high-quality information and these are well-prepared for the user. These websites get a better ranking among the search engines than other websites and their position in the network is higher. The website is usually rated positively when it is in good neighborhood.
What is link popularity?
What is PageRank?
What is PageRank?
Link popularity is the number and quality of hyperlinks that point to a particular site. The link popularity increases the more often a page is linked. This usually increases the ranking of this page in the result lists of search engines. Higher quality links have a higher weighting.
What is Page Impressions?
What is Page Impressions?
Page Impressions describe the number of page views of a single Web site using a Web browser. They are an important criterion for the popularity assessment of a website and thus have a direct influence on the search engine ranking. In online marketing, the impressions of page impressions are used, among other things, to position advertising in a particularly effective manner.
What is an XML sitemap?
What is an XML sitemap?
An XML sitemap is a structured list of all the subpages of a website that should be included in the ranking of a search engine. It must be submitted to the respective search engine and must be of the file type "* .xml". There is different information on the bottom ( url). These are the path of the page ( loc), the last modification date ( lastmod), the frequency of how often the content of the page will change ( changefreq), so how often the search engine bot should visit the page and the priority of the page priority.
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