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Services provided by Hindsite20-20
Custom Web Design
Our designs are more than just mesmerizing visuals that'll make your website stand out from the competition. We focus on your business goals and provide a foundation to accommodate future growth. As we work together during our proven design process, we’ll concentrate on a beautiful aesthetic, site usability, advanced functionality, and best programming practices while never losing site of your online objectives.
Normally, we take care of the entire project process of a website. In the context of very complex projects, however, we are also used to working with existing teams and taking over partial tasks.
Responsive Web Design
Responsive web design (RWD) provides a better user experience to all users irrespective the device they use. Depending on the size of the device screen, a responsive design (using a single main website) will “respond” by adjusting what the content looks like on any device, desktop or mobile, while still only using a single website. So, no need to create different sites, duplicate content, or squeeze your site into a small display.
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Keep your site fresh with an easy-to-use, open source website manager that we customize to fit your unique content requirements. With around the clock access to add, edit and delete content, your organization can take control of your website and keep your site up-to-date and relevant. Typical staff training takes less than one hour (no experience necessary). After training, our live support team is always ready to assist. We also provide Drupal and WordPress CMS solutions.
Web Development
Customers visit your website either to gather information, interact online, or make a purchasing decision. Our developers create web applications that are intuitive and easy to use so that your customers can find information quickly and get their job done. Helpful websites increase revenue. We can develop searchable product catalogs, project portfolios, case study galleries, property databases, custom e-commerce, and much more.
We also provide professional WordPress and Drupal development.
Web Hosting
We host our websites in a safe, secure enterprise level hosting environment. We provide high availability (99.99% uptime), service monitoring, automatic daily database/file backups, and a disaster recovery plan. We tune our high performance servers to deliver your web pages fast so that your customers don't wait or, worse yet, leave. We make sure that you online business is always open and that your data is safe and secure.
Computer Repair
Hindsite20-20 provides fast, affordable solutions to residential clients. Our certified technicians can provide service direct to your home. Let us take care of all of your computer repair and service needs!
Hindsite20-20 IT services are designed with small and mid size businesses in mind. Our certified technicians provide fast, affordable business computer services. We work with all of our clients to ensure they have the right hardware and software to meet their company's needs. Let us be your business IT service for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house!