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Standard conform web design
We work in a standardized way and develop your website so that the best possible online experience is achieved for every visitor. By separating HTML, CSS and JavaScript, we are optimizing the site for human users as well as for search engines, social media portals and other web services.

We create each project on the basis of an internally developed CSS framework and can thus offer our customers a lean code base that avoids redundant data. If it is necessary or desired for your project, we are also happy to develop on the basis of industry-standard frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation. We usually use jQuery as a JavaScript framework.

Mobile First
We develop all projects according to the "Mobile First" principle. This means that we start with both the conceptual and the programming with the smartphone version , and then expand the project with the larger layout variants for tablets, notebooks and computers. This approach has technically clear advantages: Weak devices need to read less source code and it also generates fewer code than a "desktop first" developed website. The loading time of the website is thus considerably reduced.

Progressive Enhancement
We start not only with the smallest screen, but we also develop the project for older and weaker systems . Only in the second step will new and more sophisticated functions be added for modern systems. This approach, known as Progressive Enhancement, reduces the number of corrective loops during implementation and simplifies the scaling of the project for future systems.

Performance optimization
The shortest possible loading times are an important quality factor for modern websites. Your visitors expect a fast page layout especially on the smartphone and the performance directly affects the placement of the website in the Google search results .

Since we are creating an interactive prototype immediately after the concept , which is developed step by step to the finished website, we always have the performance in mind. The website regularly runs through industry-standard test tools. To achieve the best possible results, we reduce the number of HTTP requests, load data, compress graphics over Photoshop's usual capabilities, gzip and cache data on the server, set expiration dates, and combine pixel vector and CSS Graphics in such a way that the smallest possible file sizes are produced

We recommend that each customer play the site under a security certificate (HTTPS / SSL).

On the one hand, Google preferred secure websites when evaluating the search results; on the other hand, the encrypted connection also has a positive effect on your customers. Depending on the project, it is even necessary to use a certificate.

You may assume that we know the current legal situation regarding the operation of websites and inform you accordingly. We therefore pay attention not only to the security of the system, but we also implement cookies, social media and analysis services as well as data protection-compliant.

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