web design
The demands on modern websites are high. Your visitors expect an attractive design, understandable structures, exciting content and short loading times. And, of course, the website needs to be prepared for smartphones, tablets, search engines and social networks. We help you meet these expectations.
planning & conception
The concept is decisive for the success of a website. We plan the structure and the design of the website very thoroughly and have the technical implementation and the use on mobile terminals from the beginning in view. We are happy to help you with the creation of texts, photos and graphics.
Normally, we take care of the entire project process of a website. In the context of very complex projects, however, we are also used to working with existing teams and taking over partial tasks.
Layout & Design
Visitors to a website decide unconsciously and in a very short time whether they are willing to deal with the content at all. Good design meets the expectations of the target group, facilitates information gathering and ensures the perfect first impression.
When designing your website, we therefore pay attention to a target group-oriented, attractive layout and an easy-to-understand page layout. And since we take over both the design and the technical implementation of a website, we know the requirements of both worlds and can combine them optimally.
Responsive Web Design
Today the Internet is used by countless devices. Users can therefore expect a website to work comfortably on all these input devices and to provide the desired information. To achieve this flexibility, more time has to be invested in planning, design and technology, but the website is all the more successful.
Responsive web design is now standard. Our websites are therefore always optimized for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers; Unless very good reasons speak against it.
Technology & Web Development
Web sites must be displayed on every device, loaded quickly, and readable for people and machines. In addition, they should be easy to maintain themselves and reach through appropriate interfaces also at Facebook, Twitter and Co. many people.
We attach great importance to the sensible use of modern web technologies and always make sure that changes are as simple and user-friendly as possible. And since you never know what the future holds, we plan the project scalable to be able to convert your website with little effort.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Successful search engine ranking can be achieved with interesting content, technically impeccable (responsive) web design and good networking. We develop websites in such a way that search engines can evaluate the contents optimally. But a website can still be programmed so well - if the content does not convince, the success remains. We advise you on the content of your website and, if necessary, also take over the preparation of the texts.
Support your website
In addition to the content of a website, regular work such as function extensions, software updates or data backups are also included. Within the framework of a maintenance contract, we will, on request, take over the permanent support of your website and ensure that it always meets technical progress. If necessary, we make suggestions for improvement and implement technical or graphical changes.
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